Facebook Connect enhances eBay Classifieds experience!

Here at eBay Classifieds we’re always looking at ways of improving the buyer and seller experience while remaining friendly and local. With Facebook Connect we believe we’ve done just that.

Facebook Connect brings several benefits to our classifieds buying and selling experience.

For buyers it provides a friendly and trusted profile, an introduction to the seller.  Sellers using Facebook Connect will have a short profile visible on their ads making them more approachable and their ads friendlier and more personal.

Sellers using Facebook Connect can promote their ads using social media and their network. With the new auto post option, every ad is ready to be shared with your network and promoted, making selling your goods easier than before.

Not only can a seller auto share ads to their Facebook wall, sellers can now display all their ads on Facebook.  A seller simply needs to click the “share my ads on Facebook” link to create a new tab on their Facebook profile with all their eBay Classifieds ads.

We also help in the creation of flyers so our sellers can promote their ads through their local community.

Another advantage of using Facebook Connect includes never forgetting your password again. You can use the same password and id you use for Facebook.

Facebook Connect will be visible on the log in page

and also in the new “profile” tab next to the familiar “manage my ads” tab.

We think Facebook Connect will be invaluable for all users of eBay Classifieds.

Now that you see how useful Facebook Connect can be, let’s spend some time sharing the different ways Facebook Connect can be used with eBay Classifieds.

If you’re a regular seller on eBay Classifieds you can link your current account with your Facebook profile while keeping your old ads. You can either link your eBay Classifieds account to your Facebook profile at sign in or  you can log into eBay Classifieds, go to the “profile” tab next to the “manage my ads” tab and click on the “Connect with Facebook” button.  You’ll be asked to authenticate yourself using your Facebook login. Once complete, your Facebook profile will now be linked to your Classifieds account.

If you’re new to eBay Classifieds you can log in and create an account straight away. Click on the “Connect with Facebook” button, authenticate yourself using your Facebook password and you’ll be logged into Classifieds and ready to post an ad immediately.

There you have it. Facebook Connect is a quick and easy way to tell buyers who you are and help you sell your eBay Classifieds items through your social network connections.