Tips on buying back to school supplies using eBay Classifieds

Back to School

The beginning of the new school year is almost exciting as Christmas around our house. First we make a list of everything the kids need for back to school. Rather than running to a big box store this year we are starting our search for needed items on eBay Classifieds. I have found school supplies, clothes, musical instruments even FREE haircuts for back to school on eBay Classifieds.

Our kids ages don’t lend themselves to hand-me-downs within the family, so each kid needs clothes that will fit right now. Here’s how I find great bargains on some never worn, gently used and current style clothing for all the kids.

  1. Go to eBay Classifieds home page
  2. Click on your city
  3. In the For Sale section click on Clothing & accessories
  4. In the “What are you looking for?” box put kids
  5. Click GO!


  1. Go to eBay Classifieds home page
  2. Click on your city
  3. In the For Sale section click on Baby and kids stuff
  4. In the “What are you looking for?” box put clothes
  5. Click GO!

What parent can’t relate to a child signing up for music and expecting you to run out and buy a brand new instrument? In first grade I wanted to play the flute and tortured my family as I struggled to play scales. Mercifully, my attention was quickly drawn to horses, a passion I still have. Parents encourage kids to follow their dreams and who knows, your child may have Yo-Yo Ma channeling through their veins! Until you know for sure, check out the Musical instruments in the For Sale section on eBay Classifieds to find reasonable prices on everything from drums, flutes, saxophones to a Wurlitzer piano.

eBay Classifieds Ambassador Sommer Poquette of Green And Clean Mom says, “Does your child really need a new binder or backpack? Make something old new again! Try sewing or ironing on patches to the old backpack that reflects your child’s personality. Use some contact paper and have your child decorate their old binders with cut outs, stickers, photos and other items! Not only will they have fun doing this, they’ll be unique and you’ll save money!”

Let’s take that a step further, if your child does need a new backpack, find one on eBay Classifieds and update the look following Sommer’s suggestions. Backpacks may be found in both the For Sale section under Baby and kid stuff or Sporting goods.

How is back to school in your home? A flurry of action, exciting or nerve wracking? Let us know how your back to school experience is going.

It’s Classified: Back to school is a snap using eBay Classifieds. We have school supplies, haircuts, clothes, drums, flutes, saxophones, Wurlitzer piano, and backpacks.