Labor Day Pool, Picnic & BBQ

Pool Party!

Officially, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the men and women upon whose back and hard work our great country was built. Unofficially, Labor Day’s the end of summer, start of school year and our last chance to party in warm weather!. Because this is a chock-full blown-out weekend, I plan each day down to the last detail. Here’s what I’m thinking…

Cannonball contest! Kids, tweens, teens, adults and elders–nobody can resist the fun of seeing who can splash the most water out of the pool. We invite lots of friends, stock up on pool toys, clean up the outdoor furniture, make giant cold cut platters, brew gallons of sun ice tea, slather on sun block and start the party. What is it about people and water? Driving home you realize this day has to last till next summer!

Everyone is a little pooped from Saturday’s all-out swim/sun/snack fun day so I take the excitement down a notch for the barbecue. Mostly family and a few close friends head over late afternoon for ribs, corn and veggies from the farmers market. Now I know this sounds corny, but it’s always a hit and everyone loves to join in…As the sun sets and the S’mores are about all eaten, I hand out tambourines, bongo drums, maracas and words to about dozen easy-to-sing songs.  We party all night long!

Our traditional Labor Day picnic is reserved for just our kids and us. The picnic basket is packed, the blanket’s in the car, all electronic devices are left on the kitchen table and we head to a big grassy park where we can stretch out, watch the clouds, play ball, talk and tell stories. I love this semi-quiet time with my family. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve had a hectic weekend and we’re tired and content, but looking into the beautiful faces of people I love, sitting on the ground, eating left over BBQ and cookies makes me want to sit here forever!

Do you have any family barbecue or picnic recipes for us to try this weekend? I want to hear what you’ve got!

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