Sharing eBay Classifieds at Type A Mom

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While at the Type A Mom conference last week in Asheville, N.C. with our ambassadors, the common question was “I know eBay, but what is eBay Classifieds?” When we explain that eBay Classifieds is the family-friendly site to buy and sell things you can’t normally do through eBay (a couch or … [Read more...]

How older kids can use eBay Classifieds

Find your dream car on eBay Classifieds

Young adults leave their parents in the dust when it comes to finding their way around computers. Just ask your son or daughter about the nine different levels of Halo Reach (PEGI 16+) then try not to go glassy eyed as Master Chief takes center stage and Spartans cause chaos. Then the time comes … [Read more...]

Updated eBay Classifieds iPhone Apps Now Available

eBay Classifieds Pets app home screen

We continue to enhance our iPhone apps based on your feedback. I'm happy to announce that the latest updates have been approved by Apple and are now available in the App Store. eBay Classifieds Pets iPhone App: The eBay Classifieds Pets iPhone app has recently been modified to ensure the … [Read more...]

Introducing Gallery View

Introducing Gallery View

Today we’re introducing gallery view for eBay Classifieds. This means that as a buyer you will be presented with several images of ads immediately. Not only is this a far richer experience than the search listing page, it actually empowers you with more choices.  As a buyer, you’ll be able to … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds ambassadors head to Type A Mom Conference

eBay ambassador Kris Cain

Photo courtesy of Kris Cain As part of the eBay Classifieds ambassador program, eBay provides conference sponsorship to each participant for further educational opportunities. Recently, several of our ambassadors attending the annual BlogHer conference (you can see some posts here from Once a … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds Your “Go To” Resource

Karate Lessons

eBay Classifieds is your free, friendly and local place to buy and sell everything from antiques to videos. And right below the “For Sale” section of the home page are several resources to make life a little more simple. With back to school in mind let’s check out our Community and Service … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds, Facebook & Twitter Come Together!

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One good thing leads to another, and eBay Classifieds with Facebook and Twitter leads to success. After using eBay Classifieds iPhone app or the homepage to upload an ad, you wish even more people could see your listing. Wish no more because once you confirm your ad via your email you are given … [Read more...]

Post Your Ad Using eBay Classifieds iPhone App

eBay Classified iPhone app

You’re out camping for the last time this summer and you want to sell your tent now on eBay Classifieds because next year you’re moving on up to a two-room five-person tent so you can spread out. Knowing a picture is worth a thousand words, you take lots of pictures of your current tent in the … [Read more...]

Facebook Connect enhances eBay Classifieds experience!


Here at eBay Classifieds we’re always looking at ways of improving the buyer and seller experience while remaining friendly and local. With Facebook Connect we believe we’ve done just that. Facebook Connect brings several benefits to our classifieds buying and selling experience. For … [Read more...]

Tips on buying back to school supplies using eBay Classifieds

Back to School

The beginning of the new school year is almost exciting as Christmas around our house. First we make a list of everything the kids need for back to school. Rather than running to a big box store this year we are starting our search for needed items on eBay Classifieds. I have found school supplies, … [Read more...]