Introducing A New Child Into A Household With Pets

baby and dog 400

Photo courtesy of Angie Domichel If you’ve seen our new eBayClassifieds Pets app, then you may be as obsessed with finding a new pet as I am. For all of you parents-to-be out there who are considering it, you must be pondering the question of how it will all work out. Before Jack was born, we … [Read more...]

To Nanny or Not to Nanny

Molly Ney and Friend

Photo courtesy of Shannon Kiss, Art by Design Studios The thought of someone other than me nurturing Jack, taking care of his bumps and bruises, soothing him when he’s sad or watching him achieve milestones like first steps or words was too emotional for me to even consider when he was an … [Read more...]

Grandparents Are Great

Grandpa Causer

Photo taken by Pam Schwartz eBay Classifieds is dedicated to families and grandparents are an important part of any extended family. The recent passing of my grandfather, whom I adored, forced me to focus on the wonderful impact grandparents can have on our lives. My grandfather, Don, … [Read more...]

Playing In Our National Parks

Arches small

Photo by John Ellerbeck The National Park Service’s stated mission is, “The fundamental purpose of the parks is to conserve the scenery, natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein and to provide for the enjoyment of future generations.” These simple words can’t possibly … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten

Photo courtesy of Amy Oztan I remember holding baby Jack and waiting anxiously for his first words. Time has flown by and now we’re thinking of where he will go to kindergarten! We’re trying to figure out if he should start when he’s five or six, go for a full or half day and how many … [Read more...]

Introducing the eBay Classifieds Pets iPhone App

eBay Classifieds Pets Screen Shots

eBay Classifieds has been a popular place to find dogs, cats, and other pets since launching as Kijiji in June 2007. We're dedicated to growing our pets community and helping every animal find a home as well as helping prospective pet owners learn about responsible pet ownership. Now we have a … [Read more...]

Summer Barbecue Styles

Tasty Barbecue Ribs

Photo by Elena Moiseeva If you want to get into a heated argument, invite a true barbecue aficionado over for BBQ and then serve hot dogs and hamburgers! In my family, a true barbecue is more of an event than a meal, steeped in tradition, marinades, rubs and basting sauces. Each region of the … [Read more...]

Go for the Golf

Why Golf Is Good For Young People

I’m not a golfer by any means, but I do see the attraction to the game.  When you’re on the course, it’s usually so beautiful that just walking around is nice. Then, of course, there’s always the token player who sports the funny, old-school outfit, complete with knee socks, silly hat and … [Read more...]