Hanging out with our furry friends in Atlanta

eBay Classifieds Dog Model at "Bark in the Park"

Representatives of eBay Classifieds, along with 38,170 of our friends and 766 dogs attend Bark in the Park yesterday with the Atlanta Braves.

The baseball game held as much anticipation as Fido waiting for food to fall from the dinner table, but the real attraction was a baseball stadium full of canines.

Pet and People at Bark in the Park

Dog costumes were in full effect, including puppy cheerleaders, dogs decked out in Braves uniforms, baseball caps for pets and more. Many sported the eBay Classifieds bandanas that we handed out, and Pets posed with their families at a red carpet entrance, complete with paparazzi-ready backdrop.

To support passionate pet lovers, eBay Classifieds recently launched a Pets iPhone app, making it easier than ever for users to find a new adoptable pet in a neighborhood or local shelter.  The app provides a slideshow of available pets, robust search functionality, and the ability to easily respond to and share ads via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Handing out eBay Classifieds pooch bandannas

More than 7,100 adoptable pets are available in the Atlanta area through eBay Classifieds. We hope some Braves fans will reduce that number and help pets find new humans to love them.