Camping In Your Own Backyard

Alexis camping in the backyard

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Causer

This is a guest post by Mom, Environmental Educator and Nature Lover Melynda Coble Harrison @YourWildChild

Camping in your own backyard is an easy way for newbies to try out camping and veteran campers to sneak a quick fix when there isn’t time to get into the woods.

The following tips can help your family have a real camping experience right out your back door. When the fun’s over, you’ll have worked out the kinks and be ready for a camping adventure a little further from home.

  • Set up your tent. Sure you can sleep on a tarp and watch the stars (that’s fun, too), but sleeping in the tent makes it feel real. Plus, practicing tent set-up makes it a snap the next time you are out camping.
  • Have a fire. Whether in a fire bowl or in the sandbox, nothing says camp out like a campfire. Hike over here for directions on how to light a fire.
  • Cook out. Roast weenies on the fire or set up a camping stove and cook up something yummy. Here’s what we like to eat when we are camping. Of course, you’ll want to roast marshmallows and make s’mores when you’re done.
  • Play games. Enjoy a game of charades around the campfire or tell ghost stories. Gaze at the stars and learn a few constellations—or make up your own. Keep eating those s’mores.
  • Bedtime. We usually let our kids stay up a little later than usual while camping and when it’s time to hit the sack, they are ready to sleep. Unless you have really soft grass, you’ll want a sleeping pad under your sleeping bag. Make sure the sleeping bag is rated warm enough for whatever temperatures you are expecting. (For example, a 20-degree bag will keep the average person warm to 20 degrees. It will keep me warm to 30 degrees.)
  • The facilities. Here’s where I draw the line between real camping and backyard camping: feel free to head into the house to use the restroom.


Now you know what to do, let us know about your backyard camping experience.

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Melynda Harrison writes about activities and inspiration for connecting kids and nature at YourWildChild.