University of Houston Move-in: eBay Classifieds and College Hunks help freshmen move their stuff

My name is Jack Sheu, and I’m the head of marketing for eBay Classifieds. This is my first blog post for eBC (what we call ourselves), and I hope you like it! Hope to be contributing more regularly in the future. Three fun facts about me are that I’ve performed piano concertos with professional orchestras, played pick-up soccer on the highest lake in the world, and love me some Lucchese boots.

Wanted to share with you my recent trip to Houston, TX this past weekend. We held an event to help University of Houston students move into the Moody Towers. I was joined there by AirFoil (our PR agency), College Hunks Hauling Junk, and 104.1 KRBE. Check below for a play-by-play recounting of our day and photos.

August 21, 2010

Wake up at 8 am (that’s 6 am PST). Excited about the day!

9:30 am: Have a quick breakfast at the Hilton – University of Houston. Had a chance to speak to my waitress, who is a UH student in their top-notch hospitality program. Learned about their mascot (Cougar), rough school size (~40k), and a little about the Moody Towers. Luckily, the dorms are just a short walk away from the hotel.

9:45 am: It’s already 84 degrees. It’s going to be a hot one! Students and their families start trickling in. Meet up with Corey Stansell, who started the Houston franchise of the College Hunks Hauling Junk about a year ago. He’s joined by about 10 college hunks who are all prepped for the day.

10:15 am: Meet with DJ Freddy and the radio crew from 104.1 KRBE, who are outside playing top 40 hits. They’re keeping the beats pumpin’.

10:45 am: Coordinate with the AirFoil team, Tracey and Kristen. Prepare for the day, and offer whatever help I can. Catch up with Julie Hibbs from Squared Away our Brand Ambassador for Houston (congratulations Julie on your recent marriage!).

10:45 am: Bring out a 24 pack of water for the moving crew. They’re going to need it!

11:00 am: Julie and I are brainstorming about what students need, and we’re looking it up on the site. Found laptops, printers, and TVs that would work with the small rooms at Moody Towers.

11:15 am: Meet the “I Love eBay” guy. Great to feel that kind of love first-hand!

1:15 pm:  Step out to grab a quick lunch at the student cafeteria. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. Putting tuition dollars to good work!

1:30 pm: CBS and Fox TV crews show up and conduct a few interviews.

3:00 pm: 95 degrees. Feels like 103. Houston’s on fire!

5:00 pm: Everyone’s pretty much moved in for the day. Go out and congratulate the College Hunk crew.

Met lots and lots of students and their families. Noticed that Houston has some of the nicest, most polite people I’ve met!

We helped 500 students move roughly 25 tons of stuff into their rooms, passed out 600 water bottles (some of which were being used that very day), and had a chance to introduce eBay Classifieds to hundreds of people. A big thank you to the AirFoil team, Corey and the College Hunks of Houston, and DJ Freddy Cruz and his crew over at 104.1 KRBE!