Water and Fun Just Go Together!


Summer Fun on th Water!

Photo courtesy of eBay Classifieds Ambassador Monica Friel @chaostoorder

Moms, you know that water and fun always seem to go together, right? Even in the early 1900s, kids were having fun floating around on vintage water wings, like these I found on eBayClassifieds.

With summer weather still coming on strong, our love of visiting the beach, water parks, community swimming pools and running through the backyard sprinklers is still in full swing.   

Every family has their favorites. Here a few of ours:

  • Play dates where kids come over and play with the water toys and the inflatable pool
  • Playing at the beach
  • Watching tiny sea urchins in tide pools
  • Zooming down water slides at home or at the water park
  • Lazing in a raft
  • Walking on big rocks in the creek

Although you may not want to get wet, playing IN the water with the kids helps to connect everyone.  All of the laughing, splashing, and squeals of delight from Jack remind me of that every time I bust out the swimsuit and get wet.

One of our favorite games is “pop the balloon”. Two kids or teams are on opposite sides of the yard holding full water balloons. They run to the middle of the yard and each have to sit or bounce on their balloon until it pops then run back to their base.

As much as we love playing in water, safety is always at the back of my mind. Even though Jack started swimming lessons when he was about 2 ½ and he swims without water wings, we are always vigilant when near any water. Many pediatricians recommend most children under the age of 4 get swimming lessons and some are even writing prescriptions for those lessons.

What’s your favorite hot day water game?  I’m looking for new ideas!

It’s Classified: Sprinklers, water toys, pools, slides and rafts found on eBay Classifieds. What’s your best summer water fun find?