The Terrifying Thrill of Theme Park Roller Coasters

The Thrill of the Ride!

Photo Courtsey of Amy Oztan

It’s still summertime and for the kids in my house, and that means there’s still time to head to the theme park to ride the rides! Even the 4-year-old in my house wants to feel the rush thanks to his love of that roller coaster video game, Tycoon . The X2, Kumba, The Cyclone, the Beast – yup, all of us want to head to the park to feel those heart stopping loops, sudden drops and adrenaline pumping speed.

Why do we love this place so much? Why do we keep coming back for more? If you’re not a coaster fan, can you get over your fears of plummeting to the ground and actually get on one and enjoy the ride?

I can only speak for my family on this one and it goes something like this. If you’re like me then you know that heading off to the office during the summer is a total drag. As much as I’d love to head off to Florida and snatch up this time share right next to Disney World I found on eBayCLassifieds, I can’t. All I can do is take the day off, run into the kids’ room and yell out, “FREE DAY, THEME PARK!!” they know what’s up.  We defiantly roll in the convertible for this ride, and on our way the anticipation of the excitement truly becomes half the fun.

Walking up to the front gate is more than we can handle and looking at the monstrosity of the coasters seals the deal. We’re going to have fun!  Watching those giant rides before me climb agonizingly, slowly into the sky then plummet at a shocking speed… whew! Love it! Again!!

Don’t share my enthusiasm? Rather sit in the hot car than climb into the coaster car? Or maybe you’d rather just work at the theme park because you love the energy? Theme parks are a great way to bond with your kids so let me help you get rid of the fear and start enjoying the ride. Baby steps are the name of the game.  Either borrow or take your own little ones on kiddy coasters. This will help you get used to the motion and after a few turns the speed won’t feel so scary. Gradually step up your game with longer lasting and faster rides. Soon you’ll want the speed and excitement of the thrill rides.

The thrill of rushing through the air on these beauties is electrifying. People like to scare themselves, and roller coasters are a pretty safe way to experience a screaming good time. What is the steepest, scariest or longest roller coaster you have ridden?

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