Fun and Profit with Garage Sales

Garage Sale!

Photo courtesy of Dean Causer

How many times have you seen those large poster boards hanging at street corners pointing the way to the great American weekend pass time — garage sales? If I’ve got nothing to do, I can’t resist hanging a left and slowly driving past the driveway covered in clothes, toys, TV’s and assorted appliances. Now that garage sales exist online as well in my neighborhood, I’m so excited I can shop them all…day…long…!

If you do go the weekend garage sale route, which I do enjoy myself, getting the best stuff at garage sales can be similar to finding choice products at a Farmers Market. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you simply can’t resist.

  1. Check eBay Classifieds for garage sale listings and plan your route.
  2. Bring several small bills (ones, fives and tens) and quarters for easy bargaining.
  3. You are on a mission so wear comfortable clothing and shoes for a day in the trenches.
  4. Take a big enough vehicle in case you find the perfect patio chairs.
  5. Get there early! The early bird gets the worm, err, treasure.
  6. Have fun with haggling; it’s the name of the game.
  7. Keep an eye open for underpriced items you can sell on eBay Classifieds for a higher price.

The crossover between physical and virtual garage sales appears to be increasing. What I’m seeing is that traditionally, one can get more money for items sold online than at a physical garage sale!  I love it!

Of course, listing everything from cars to outgrown baby clothes is quick, easy and free on eBay Classifieds. Best of all, you don’t have to fuss with little stickers on everything you’re selling, sit on your hot driveway for hours or deal with hoards of people at 7 a.m. when your sale starts at 9 a.m.!

No matter if you are having a garage sale or looking for one, eBay Classifieds has you covered. List your treasures on eBay Classifieds, post your garage sale in the community section or find a local garage sale in the same place.

Have you ever had an online or offline garage sale?  How’d it go?

When you do have a garage sale at your home, please, be kind to the environment and remember to take signs down after your event. And for items that don’t sell there, post them online.