Hanging out with our furry friends in Atlanta

eBay Classifieds Dog Model at "Bark in the Park"

Representatives of eBay Classifieds, along with 38,170 of our friends and 766 dogs attend Bark in the Park yesterday with the Atlanta Braves. The baseball game held as much anticipation as Fido waiting for food to fall from the dinner table, but the real attraction was a baseball stadium full of … [Read more...]

Camping In Your Own Backyard

Alexis Camping in the Backyard

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Causer This is a guest post by Mom, Environmental Educator and Nature Lover Melynda Coble Harrison @YourWildChild Camping in your own backyard is an easy way for newbies to try out camping and veteran campers to sneak a quick fix when there isn’t time to get into … [Read more...]

Twitter chat: Teaching Children the Value of Money

Last week, our guest for our summer Twitter chat series was Money Mama Lori Mackey of Prosperity4Kids who discussed how to teach children the value of money. As an award winning author of the children’s book Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, creator of Money Mama and the Smarter Piggy … [Read more...]

University of Houston Move-in: eBay Classifieds and College Hunks help freshmen move their stuff

(compressed) Water bottles for everyone

My name is Jack Sheu, and I’m the head of marketing for eBay Classifieds. This is my first blog post for eBC (what we call ourselves), and I hope you like it! Hope to be contributing more regularly in the future. Three fun facts about me are that I’ve performed piano concertos with professional … [Read more...]

Organizing for Back to School

Organized Desk

This is a guest post by our eBay Classifieds Ambassador and Professional Organizer Monica Friel. @chaostoorder The kids will soon be heading back to school (if they haven’t already started) and now is a great time to get organized. Before the start of the school year, it's important to have … [Read more...]

Water and Fun Just Go Together!

Monica's family

  Photo courtesy of eBay Classifieds Ambassador Monica Friel @chaostoorder Moms, you know that water and fun always seem to go together, right? Even in the early 1900s, kids were having fun floating around on vintage water wings, like these I found on eBayClassifieds. With summer … [Read more...]

The Terrifying Thrill of Theme Park Roller Coasters

The Thrill of the Ride!

Photo Courtsey of Amy Oztan It's still summertime and for the kids in my house, and that means there's still time to head to the theme park to ride the rides! Even the 4-year-old in my house wants to feel the rush thanks to his love of that roller coaster video game, Tycoon . The X2, Kumba, The … [Read more...]

Upcoming events with eBay Classifieds: Come and meet us

Part of what makes eBay Classifieds such a great fit for community building is the ability to meet people face to face, whether it’s mom-to-mom sales, shared interest in hobbies or a love for pets. In the next few weeks, we’ll be on location at events in Houston and Atlanta. We love to meet … [Read more...]

Twitter Chat: Teaching Children the Value of Money

Please join us tonight, Aug. 19 for our next Twitter chat. At 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST, Money Mama Lori Mackey of Prosperity4Kids will discuss how to teach children the value of money. As an award winning author of the children’s book Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, creator of … [Read more...]

Fun and Profit with Garage Sales

Garage Sale!

Photo courtesy of Dean Causer How many times have you seen those large poster boards hanging at street corners pointing the way to the great American weekend pass time -- garage sales? If I’ve got nothing to do, I can’t resist hanging a left and slowly driving past the driveway covered in … [Read more...]