Make It a Mixed Breed

Ear Resistible

If you want your dog to have the nose of a hound, elegance of a poodle, loyalty of a lab and charm of a cocker spaniel, get a mixed breed! Mixed breed dogs will win you over with their loving eyes and big hearts.

Weimaraner Mix

You may very well be saving a pet’s life if you’re getting him from a shelter, and you can find many shelter pets that need homes on eBay Classifieds. In addition to a mixed breed’s seemingly thankful disposition, they may also have fewer health problems, since many purebred dogs are inbred. Most of all, when you give a mixed breed a big hug, you can feel the love they return.

The true colors of a mixed breed are in two of my favorite stories, Lady and the Tramp and Nubs. Nubs “adopted” a Marine in Iraq and when the soldier was transferred 70 miles away, somehow the determined dog trekked through vicious dog packs, wolves and war-torn territory to find his owner. Get your tissues out because the ending to this story is so heartwarming, you will wonder how you can help out a homeless dog like Nubs.


Please remember, owning any kind of pet is a commitment for the lifetime of that animal. When considering adding an animal member to your family, take a look at our tips for responsible pet ownership.