Teddy Bear Picnic

“Courtesy of Sommer Poquette”

Our family is very busy and most of the time it feels like we’re jamming through life at warp speed. So, to put the brakes on our insane schedule, I’ve decided that we’re going on a picnic. Ok, I confess, I’m the one who wants to turn it into a teddy bear picnic. My son Jack is 4 years old and loves the idea!

This weekend, we are inviting a few friends and their favorite teddy bears to a nearby park for our picnic. My first inclination was to really go overboard with decorations, food, prizes and even someone dressed in a giant bear outfit! After Jack and I discussed what little bears would like to do during our picnic, I realized how beautifully simple and special this day would be. Here’s what Jack wanted:

  1. Teddy bear picnic blanket
  2. Games to play — Jack likes playing Hot and Cold, so we’ll arrive early and hide a little bear for this game
  3. Brown bag lunch (with Teddy Grahams, of course)
  4. Teddy bear cake that Jack and I will decorate
  5. Teddy bear parade

Our picnic is not going to be a big complicated affair and even by keeping it simple, I’ll bet the memories we create will last a lifetime.