More Summer Scrapbooking Tips

For some reason, I never really liked to scrapbook before — I’m just not that organized, I think. But now that I’m about to be the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding, I’ve saved all this cool stuff from being in the wedding party, like VIP passes from the bachelorette party and ribbon from the wedding shower. Looking at all of it together has given me the motivation to get into this, because I’d love to give her a personalized scrapbook for her wedding gift!

Thanks to the previous advice from Jennifer S. Wilson, scrapbooker extraordinaire and founder of the blog Simple Scrapper, I’m already armed with an album, paper, decorative scissors and a great tote to hold all my supplies. Jennifer also recommends the following items:
1. Pocket Pages – Even if you’ve never scrapbooked before, using clear pocket pages (meant for storing trading cards) makes the project very easy. Simply trim your photos and memorabilia to a uniform 2.5″ x 3.5″ size and slide them in!

2. 8.5″x11″ 3-Ring Album – This is a common size in scrapbooking albums and should be easy to find. If possible, look for the D-shaped 3-ring style to best fit your pages.

3. Scrapbooking Kit – Large collections of scrapbooking papers and embellishments are a relatively new thing, but they are wildly popular. Kits take the guesswork out of scrapping by doing the creative thinking for you – it will all match! People often sell the scrapbooking supplies they don’t end up using on sites like eBay Classifieds.

By purchasing everything you need in advance, you’ll be much more likely to start and finish your album when the time comes. While the excitement is high, gather these basic items to make your project even more doable!