Rock A Bye Safety


Your baby’s crib is the place you lay your most precious bundle to sleep — other than being cradled in your arms, the next safest place for babies should be in their cribs. eBay Classifieds is a great place to buy or sell unwanted baby items after your child grows out of them, but there is some important information you should consider when looking for a crib.

Nothing can compare to the thought of our little ones being injured due to a product manufacturing defect and I was horrified to learn that last month, over 2 million drop-side cribs from seven different companies were recalled for potential safety hazards. Each month, dozens of products are recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and unless a tragedy is publicized in the media, many families may not even realize a product they own has been recalled.

When choosing a crib, you are usually faced with two different style options: drop-side or stationary rails. There’s a huge debate among parents regarding drop-side cribs because these tend to have more safety issues. They’re more convenient for accessing the child but because there are more moving parts, components can often fail – especially if they’re not assembled correctly. All of the cribs that were recently recalled were drop-side models.

As parents, it is our responsibility and duty to check the product recall list monthly to make sure the merchandise we bring into our homes is safe. We recommend signing up for the CPSC’s e-newsletter, so you’re alerted by e-mail whenever a new recall is announced. In addition, reselling recalled products is a violation of federal law, so be sure to check if an item is recalled before buying or selling it on eBay Classifieds. Our dedicated customer service team also monitors the site to remove such listings.

To keep your little one as safe as possible, take these steps toward crib safety:

  • Register your crib as soon as you get it home. There should be information inside the box about how to register online or by mail. This will come in handy later, so the company can inform you if the crib has been recalled or if it breaks while under warranty.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of drop-side cribs. It may be easier on your back to lift your baby out of a drop-side crib, but stationary rail cribs often allow you to raise or lower the mattress so your child is easier to reach.
  • Periodically check the CPSC website to see if your crib model has been recalled.
  • Consistently maintain your child’s crib by tightening screws, looking for wear and tear and making sure the crib was assembled properly.

Once you’ve got these tips down, buying a crib is one of the most fantastic steps to nesting.  Before my 4-year-old son Jack was born, I felt a close connection with him every time I looked into his room and saw the space I put so much love into creating for him.

Most of Jack’s nursery, including the glider chair and crib bedding, was furnished with eBay Classifieds finds (although back then, it was still called Kijiji!). Before checking out items I found online, I conducted research to learn how to choose the best crib — the American Academy of Pediatrics and Kids Health from Nemours both have great tips and guidelines on their websites. These valuable resources gave me the confidence to bring home the safest possible crib for my baby.