Party Planning for Busy Parents

Pirates for parties

My son Jack turned four last week and getting ready for his birthday party was insane. From where to get the decorations to what to do at the party, I was all over the place! I briefly contemplated having it at a one-stop shop that would handle everything for me, like this Los Angeles party space on eBay Classifieds. In the end, I looked at my yard and felt like I could handle throwing the party myself…with a little help, of course. I was surprised at how many resources I was able to pull from eBay Classifieds and how much money I was able to save.

Live Entertainment: Since I live in Los Angeles, I should have known that there are plenty of people willing to come to my house dressed as a Transformer or Darth Vader. For a small fee, you can have these characters turn the whole party into a world of fun with face painting, singing and playing games. Since Jack loves pirates, we decided that would be a great idea for a party theme. Pirates for Parties not only brought live parrots to the soiree, they sang and played with kids. It was enthralling for kids and grownups alike!

Designing Décor: I knew that all the little pirates we invited would want to have a treasure hunt, and for that we needed a treasure chest! You can find some great decorations on eBay Classifieds, like this cool-looking, life-sized pirate skeleton or this amazing 120-year-old treasure chest that would look great filled with gold coins. I found a kids’ toy chest that I could hide the treasure in for the party and then use later as a place to store all of his new gifts. I repainted it black, red and white to fit the theme and it was a hit on the treasure hunt after being filled with little toys and trinkets like these Beanie Babies and NeoPet trading cards.

Jump Around: The highlight of every 4-year-old’s birthday party we’ve been to this year was definitely the bounce house! EBay Classifieds totally had me covered in this department, thanks to this company I found that sells all kinds of themed bounce houses! They had castles, slides, tropical jumpers and so much more. How could I pass up the opportunity to watch Jack and his friends lose their little minds for hours on end in a 15-foot-tall inflatable pirate’s house in my backyard? The party was one that both he and I will never forget!