Make It a Mixed Breed

Ear Resistible

If you want your dog to have the nose of a hound, elegance of a poodle, loyalty of a lab and charm of a cocker spaniel, get a mixed breed! Mixed breed dogs will win you over with their loving eyes and big hearts. You may very well be saving a pet’s life if you’re getting him from a … [Read more...]

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear

“Courtesy of Sommer Poquette” Our family is very busy and most of the time it feels like we’re jamming through life at warp speed. So, to put the brakes on our insane schedule, I’ve decided that we’re going on a picnic. Ok, I confess, I’m the one who wants to turn it into a teddy bear … [Read more...]

The Family That Dines Together

Dinner 1

“Courtesy of Sommer Poquette” When I was a little girl, my dad walked in the door every night at 6:30 and we all sat down to dinner at 6:45. At the time, I didn’t think much of it but now that I have my own family I’ve realized two things: it’s almost impossible to get everyone in one … [Read more...]

Business Trip Blues

Cold Arm

Nothing breaks my heart more than having to say good bye to my 4-year-old son Jack before I leave for a business trip. The pictures and videos on my iPhone and laptop can never replace the touch of his little hand on my arm. Luckily, technology these days can make the separation a little more … [Read more...]

Staying Safe eBay Classifieds

Stay Safe With eBC

Source Did you know the United States has a ”cyber czar” dedicated to Internet security? He even used to work right here at eBay! While eBay Classifieds doesn’t have any czars running around, we do take Internet safety very seriously. Most of us who work here have families just like … [Read more...]

Fight Boredom with Fun Summer Festivals


Source Did you know July is Anti-Boredom Month? With the little ones going bonkers around my house, I was happy to hear this because I found that it’s a perfect month to be super busy across the country. From the Balloon Festival in New Jersey to the Garlic Festival in California, it’s easy … [Read more...]

More Summer Scrapbooking Tips


For some reason, I never really liked to scrapbook before -- I’m just not that organized, I think. But now that I’m about to be the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding, I’ve saved all this cool stuff from being in the wedding party, like VIP passes from the bachelorette party and … [Read more...]

Potty Learning vs. Potty Training

Potty Learning vs Potty Training

Source One of the most anxious parenting times for me was when I knew it was time to start potty training my son Jack. Believe me, I was all set to use toys as bribes or anything else it took to motivate him. Despite the horror stories I’d heard, I decided to take a step back and try to have a … [Read more...]

Friday Night Is Family Game Night

Treasure chest small

Between soccer, T-ball, swimming lessons and play dates, my son Jack and I spend a lot of time together, but when I think about how much of it is really quality time, I get a little sad. He doesn’t just want me to be there, he wants me to play with him. In an effort to connect better, I’ve … [Read more...]

Party Planning for Busy Parents


My son Jack turned four last week and getting ready for his birthday party was insane. From where to get the decorations to what to do at the party, I was all over the place! I briefly contemplated having it at a one-stop shop that would handle everything for me, like this Los Angeles party space … [Read more...]