eBay Classifieds Turns 3!

Three years old!!! Yes, eBay Classifieds was born here in the U.S. just 3 years ago today. Happy Birthday to us! I’ve been here since the beginning so in some ways I feel like a proud parent to eBay Classifieds and a little compelled to say a few things to commemorate our birthday. I’m also known for writing a lot of bullet points so, in typical fashion for me, here are few random bullet point birthday gifts to share with you before we blow out our candles:

•   Three years ago we had just a couple hundred thousand visitors. Today we have over 5 million. What a birthday party!

•   It’s a very popular time of year for me when it comes to birthdays – my birthday is June 23rd, my wedding anniversary is June 26th, my son’s birthday is in July (he’s also 3 years old!). Now I just need to figure out who gets the biggest cake. Regardless, I’m gaining a few more pounds.

•   3 years ago the stock market was riding high and my family’s apartment was worth a lot more. Ugh. Maybe time to check out some cheap real estate deals on eBay Classifieds?

•   We started out with just a few thousand ads back in 2007, now we have nearly 1 million. Keep them coming!

•   We were born in the year of the Pig (2007) and have now turned three in the year of the Tiger (2010). So based on Chinese calendar math, we are Tiger minus Pig years old. Cool!

•   Did you know that the frilled shark has a gestation period of 3.5 years? It’s been three years for eBay Classifieds and we’re already generating over 50 million page views a month. Take that, frilled shark!

OK, enough with the bullet points! In the last three years, it’s been quite a thrill watching our little site grow up into a major marketplace that helps everyday folks find what they need in their neighborhoods – whether it’s a new couch, a pet kitten (that curls up on the couch), or a new home (where you can put the new couch and kitten, of course). Thanks for stopping by. We’ll see you in another 3 years!