Gardening on a Time Crunch

Flowers from my garden

Potted Flowers

Our backyard is the scene of some pretty crazy stuff! We have birthday parties, barbecues, a trampoline and plenty of space for my son Jack and me to dig for worms. While I love the idea of a big garden,especially smelling fragrant flowers and watching butterflies and humming birds fluttering around, it’s hard to find the time to make it a reality. Here are some great tips we recommend for a quick and easy garden experience:

Planter Boxes

1. Don’t worry about making the whole backyard look like it was designed by a pro landscaper. Instead, cut corners by strategically placing a few large flower pots around the space. Decorative planters like these on eBay Classifieds New York will make the yard look great, are easy to care for and are visually stunning.

Lovely Hosta Plants

2. When choosing plants, mix it up. Get plants that are tall, medium height, short and ones that will flow over the sides of the pot. During the summer, they need to be watered every day, which gives Jack and me a chance to notice their every detail. You can find beautiful plants at affordable prices on eBay Classifieds, like these golden tiara hostas in Detroit.

Lion Fountain

3. We love when birds visit our garden. For a while, we had a great birdfeeder, until I realized more four-legged creatures than winged ones were enjoying the seed. We switched to a birdbath with a water fountain, very similar to this one on eBay Classifieds St. Louis, where birds can stop by for a dip and a drink. We love sitting quietly nearby to see how many different birds show up!
4. Garden ornaments make the place feel like home. We call them “garden treasures” because they don’t have to be expensive, just things you love. Ornaments make our gardens personal in a very powerful way.

Filling a few flower pots, finding a fountain and placing your favorite tchotchkes in your garden will give you months of joy without spending hours of work keeping up a huge garden. If any of the plants wither and die, just put something else in its place!