Adopt a Cat This Month

June is  Adopt a Cat Month, and felines in need of loving homes are everywhere. You see a kitten that needs a home and your kids start pleading to take one or two of those little calico balls o’ fur home. Your heart skips a beat –  they are awfully cute, maybe it’s time for the kids to have a pet, that little mew is so sweet. But hold up! Bringing a pet into your home on a whim is not the best idea, since you will be cheating your kids and yourself out of fun and important preparations.

Family discussions can teach young ones about what to expect when bringing a pet into the home and obtaining the necessary pet supplies is an exciting part of the process. Kitty needs to come home in a carrier like this one in Detroit and be welcomed into its new environment with a litter box, a  scratching post and a snuggly bed.

Learning how to care for, feed, and play with your new kitty will bring great rewards to your entire family. Check out tips for responsible pet ownership as a result of our friends at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
They say you don’t pick the cat, the cat picks you. Visit eBay Classifieds’ Pets section to find many adoptable felines in need of homes. When you visit the shelter, you will know when that certain furry feline has made his or her decision. The reward of planning ahead for your pet will pay off for years to come.