LEGOs, Trains and Planes. Oh My!


Kid In Clutter


Help! My child is drowning in all the clutter in his room! Enter the door, take a sharp left at the fort made of old blankets, hop over the galactic Lego outpost, proceed carefully over the foot-tall pile of books until you see a pillow covered in stuffed animals. This can’t go on. Time for us to get rid of some kid clutter!

I know it’s hard for a 4-year-old to concentrate on cleaning his room, so I shared the best cleaning tip I’ve heard with my son Jack. Visualize the room as a swimming pool with lanes. Stay in one lane until it’s clean, then move onto the next until the room is done. He loves the analogy because he gets it and it works.

Now that he’s got the concept down and is actually attempting to clean, where are we going to put all that stuff? As he’s swimming around the room, I’m right there with boxes and a laundry hamper on hand. We pick up each item and put it in one of three boxes – one is for stuff he wants to keep, one is for items to list on eBay Classifieds to sell and the last is for the garbage man. As he’s contemplating an item, I remind him that all the stuff he’s going to list on eBay Classifieds will lead to some extra cash so he can enjoy a special trip to the ice cream parlor or the movies, donate to a charity of his choice or even buy something he’s had his eye on.

As a mom who’s teaching him these life lessons, I feel great about knowing that eBay Classifieds is committed to helping keep the Internet safe for children and families. Each time Jack and I post an ad in the For Sale category between now and July 31, eBay Classifieds will donate 25 cents to Enough Is Enough, a non-profit dedicated to keeping the internet safe for children.