Summer Jobs for Teens

School’s out for summer and you might find your teenagers looking at you with that, “What do I do now?” face – or worse, looking at a TV or computer screen instead of you.

Sounds like it’s time to get a summer job! The few months when school’s not in session is a great time for older kids to earn some cash, learn important life lessons and pad their college resumes. Although finding a summer job may be a struggle this year, eBay Classifieds offers tons of local job listings for free.

Here are some ideas for your teen to get the ball rolling on making some summer cash – feel free to print it out and leave it on your teen’s pillow!

●   Check out eBay Classifieds’ Jobs section. The opportunities in your area are split into various categories, from     Customer Service to Food/Beverage & Hospitality. It’s 100% free to use and you don’t even have to register, like on other job sites.

●   Post your resume in the Resumes section on eBay Classifieds. Make sure to remove any personal information from your resume (like your phone number) before you post. It’s a completely free way to let the job offers come to you!

●   Visit places in your local area that might need some extra summer help – stop by local theme parks, movie theaters, ice cream shops, golf courses, neighborhood pools or any other venues where you already love spending time. Get that resume ready and hand it to the manager with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

●   Get creative and start thinking of local needs you can fill. Post an ad on eBay Classifieds’ Services section offering to use your skills to help others, for a fee.

●   Take photos or movies at special events like birthday parties or bar mitzvahs, to help out parents who are too busy to snap pictures but don’t want to miss a second of their child’s special day.

●   Offer to mow lawns or do yard work. Your neighbors might not have time or the physical capability to do it themselves, and would be happy to pay you to help out.

●   Be a personal assistant. Volunteer to do random odd jobs – picking up groceries, driving people to the airport or decluttering a garage.

I had some of my very best summers as a teen because I was employed.  Working at that age can be such a rich experience filled with new friends, exciting adventures and a newfound sense of responsibility, all while earning extra money.