eBay to eBay Classifieds with a Click of the Mouse

Bummer, your prized bowling ball didn’t sell on eBay! Man, you promised your wife it would be gone in a few days. You’ve come to terms with the fact that your team folded and you haven’t lofted the ball down a lane in two years. To avoid a fight, you need to look for alternative avenues to sell it. So, what do you do now? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find bowlers in your area who would be willing to give it a great home?

The answer couldn’t be simpler. When your auction is over, if your item didn’t sell, use eBay Classifieds’ eBay Ad Importer. Just enter the eBay item number and your item will be categorized and placed on eBay Classifieds with the same pictures, description and all with only a few clicks! Once your ad is made, you can easily export it to your Facebook or Twitter account to spread the word even further.

Selling your item locally on eBay Classifieds will save you shipping costs and the hassle of standing in line at the post office, and you’ve got nothing to lose because it’s 100% free to use. Plus, for every ad posted between now and July 31, eBay Classifieds will make a donation to Enough is Enough to help make the internet safer for kids and families. Check it out!