Moving Can Be A Trip!

Roughly 16.7 million American households move each year, and around half of those do so in the summer months, which means we’re in the middle of prime moving season for families. As I started cleaning my empty old house during my recent move, I realized my car keys were in a box with all the junk drawer stuff, which was in the truck headed to the new house! To avoid mishaps like this, my biggest words of advice are be organized and don’t procrastinate!

Our Chicago decluttering expert Monica Friel, founder of Chaos to Order, helps people organize all facets of their lives. Monica’s recommends the following tips for making your move more organized:

  • Start early – six to eight weeks early, if possible. If you wouldn’t pack it to move with you, get rid of it now. Listing unnecessary items on eBay Classifieds is a perfect way to begin. It’s free and very easy to use.
  • Look on eBay Classifieds for moving boxes. Boxes like these in Seattle are less expensive and more eco-friendly than buying new boxes.
  • On moving day, pack up essentials for a night or two in a separate bag. You never know what can happen during the move. Also, you won’t be searching for your everyday items amidst all the chaos.
  • When packing up a moving truck (either with movers or your own rental truck), pack kitchen items into the truck last. The kitchen takes the longest to unpack, so if they’re loaded last, they’re off the truck first and you can get a head start on putting them away.
  • Label your moving boxes. The more detail you can give to the exterior of the box, the less time you’ll spend searching and sifting through boxes once they’re packed and when you arrive at your new place.
  • Keep similar things together. For example, rather than having photos in various places around the house, put them all in one place. This will eliminate time wasted searching for items.
  • Don’t forget, when you’ve finished unpacking, list those moving boxes on eBay Classifieds so someone else can use them during their move!

Use these tips, download a moving checklist for extra help and start early. “Moving is the best time to get organized, because you’re forced to go through everything you have!” Monica says. Remember her advice and see the move as an opportunity to get rid of unwanted baggage.