eBay Classifieds Turns 3!

eBC Group

Three years old!!! Yes, eBay Classifieds was born here in the U.S. just 3 years ago today. Happy Birthday to us! I’ve been here since the beginning so in some ways I feel like a proud parent to eBay Classifieds and a little compelled to say a few things to commemorate our birthday. I’m also … [Read more...]

Gardening on a Time Crunch

planter boxes

Our backyard is the scene of some pretty crazy stuff! We have birthday parties, barbecues, a trampoline and plenty of space for my son Jack and me to dig for worms. While I love the idea of a big garden,especially smelling fragrant flowers and watching butterflies and humming birds fluttering … [Read more...]

Adopt a Cat This Month

June is  Adopt a Cat Month, and felines in need of loving homes are everywhere. You see a kitten that needs a home and your kids start pleading to take one or two of those little calico balls o’ fur home. Your heart skips a beat –  they are awfully cute, maybe it’s time for the kids to have … [Read more...]

LEGOs, Trains and Planes. Oh My!

Kid In Clutter

    Kid In Clutter   Help! My child is drowning in all the clutter in his room! Enter the door, take a sharp left at the fort made of old blankets, hop over the galactic Lego outpost, proceed carefully over the foot-tall pile of books until you see a pillow covered in stuffed … [Read more...]

Visiting Your Local Farmers Market


We’re all about connecting with our local communities here at eBay Classifieds, since we’ve got local sites in over 270 cities across the country. One of our favorite community activities in the summer is visiting your local farmers market. •   Strolling up and down the aisles taking in … [Read more...]

eBay to eBay Classifieds with a Click of the Mouse


Bummer, your prized bowling ball didn’t sell on eBay! Man, you promised your wife it would be gone in a few days. You’ve come to terms with the fact that your team folded and you haven’t lofted the ball down a lane in two years. To avoid a fight, you need to look for alternative avenues to … [Read more...]

Moving Can Be A Trip!


Roughly 16.7 million American households move each year, and around half of those do so in the summer months, which means we’re in the middle of prime moving season for families. As I started cleaning my empty old house during my recent move, I realized my car keys were in a box with all the junk … [Read more...]

Summer Jobs for Teens


School’s out for summer and you might find your teenagers looking at you with that, “What do I do now?” face – or worse, looking at a TV or computer screen instead of you. Sounds like it’s time to get a summer job! The few months when school’s not in session is a great time for older … [Read more...]