Kijiji is now eBay Classifieds

With 2010 upon us, Kijiji is undergoing some very exciting changes and improvements. Introducing eBay Classifieds, the new name for the enhanced Kijiji. We’re still a free classifieds site that’s a perfect way to reach your local market. But now we’re even better, tapping into the power of parent company eBay to bring you the best online classifieds site for buying and selling online for the whole family.

  • For sellers – your existing ads haven’t changed at all
  • For buyers – a familiar and trusted brand name

A New Year, A New Name, A Familiar Brand (Learn More)

We’re Safer 

  • You’ll see much less spam and fraud thanks to our enhanced filtering system
  • We make sure all of our categories and content are family-friendly
  • New seller history feature provides more protection for buyers

We’re Easier 

  • Our new format is clutter-free and easier to navigate
  • Half as many clicks to post ads will save you time
  • We have reintroduced easy ways to manage your ads and see how many visits you have gotten to each

We’re Friendlier

  • Your questions will be answered even sooner than before — and much faster than other classifieds sites
  • Our intuitive help section is enhanced and much easier to use
  • Contact Us pages are much easier to find

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