Fall Cleaning Tips from Kijiji

As you change over your wardrobe due to cooler temperatures, you also need to prepare your home for seasonal changes. With fall in full swing, consumers are packing up the outdoor patio furniture and pulling out the warm winter blankets. 

While you may not think of it, fall provides the perfect opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and do a little decluttering for dollars.  A Kijiji survey found that the average household has about 35 unused items worth about $670 – so this autumn, when you’re putting away the lawnmower and pulling out the leaf blower, take a look around the house for some of those items that you haven’t touched all summer.

Kijiji, eBay’s free, family-friendly, local classifieds site, offers the following tips for fall cleaning:

• Daylight Saving Time: Staying organized actually saves you time and money. Since the sun goes down earlier in the fall — meaning more inside activities in the evenings — it’s the perfect time to take 15 minutes after dinner to pick up and organize the messes that accumulated throughout the day. Dessert can be a delicious reward!

• Uncharted Waters: Take a hint from Christopher Columbus and explore uncharted territories, such as the back corner of your attic. Commit to taking a look at what’s back there and clearing out the area; you might be surprised at the treasures you will find. Kids will love going through old belongings with you, and items they may have never even seen before can spark some fun family reminiscing.

• Ghouls in the Garage: If you’ve mistaken your golf clubs in the garage for Chucky or the Nordic Track under your bed as the Bogeyman, it may be time to get rid of them.  Why not list your unused sporting goods on Kijiji to make a little extra cash? It will come in handy as the holiday gift-giving season approaches.

• Fall Into a Good Habit: Once you’ve decluttered, take extra steps to make sure the clutter doesn’t come back.  Before purchasing something new, take a moment to think about how you will use it in your home. For example, consider updating great furniture pieces with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware, instead of buying something new. Check out eBay’s Green Team web site for more tips on how to think green.

• Costume Castoffs: Nobody wants to wear the same Halloween costume more than once, even though they can be expensive. List the kids’ costumes from last year on Kijiji so someone else can enjoy them this year, and you can make some extra cash for this year’s get-up.

• Wardrobe Rotation: While you’re switching over your closet from summer clothes to fall and winter ones, make sure to examine and try on each item you’re unsure about. If some items no longer fit, or have gone out of fashion, post them on Kijiji and pass them on to someone else. You can also hold a neighborhood clothing swap and advertise the event on our site.