Top Recommended Family-Friendly iPhone Apps

To celebrate the launch of Kijiji’s new free iPhone application, which allows anyone to search local classified ads, reply to listings and post items on the go, we asked some of our favorite iPhone-loving mommy bloggers to share the apps that make their lives as busy moms a little easier. Our panel of bloggers recommended apps that help them get organized, save money, and keep their children safe, just like Kijiji’s iPhone application.

NOTE – July, 2 2010 - eBay Classifieds iPhone app version 1.0.2 – now available in the  iTunes App Store.

Check out the top 10 apps, below:

• Evernote [info] [app store]I love this app because it allows my husband and me to sync our to-do lists. We’re both able to tackle the tasks and cross things off or add things. This way I know when he has taken care of something or if it still needs to be addressed.Recommended by Tiffany Dockery of Living As Mom
 • DoGood [info] [app store]This delightful application provides a daily act of kindness to be performed by the user, such as, “Use less water today.” It’s great for families to do together and discuss the importance of community service.

Recommended by Nicole of Soapbox Mom

 • WHERE [info] [app store]Where is the nearest coffee shop? Gas station? Place to use the potty? I can tell you in seconds with this app. Whatever I am looking for is just a couple of taps away!

Recommended by Ciaran Blumenfeld of Car & Caboodle

 • Baby Brain: Your Baby Log [info] [app store]Baby Brain is a baby schedule tracking iPhone app that allows new moms to track and note details about their baby’s last feeding, diaper, or snooze. Moms can easily tell caretakers about baby’s last diaper change right before they run out of the house to get away for a few hours.

Recommended by Alicia Hagan of Gadget Goddess and The Mommy Insider

 • Safe Eyes Mobile [info] [app store]Safe Eyes Mobile is an Internet filtering application that lets parents allow their children to surf the Net via the iPhone without having to worry about them seeing something they shouldn’t. This way, I can give my 7-year-old my iPhone to play with while we’re on a long drive and not be concerned that he might go online.

Recommended by Shannon Shaffer of For the Mommas

 • Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons [info] [app store]This app is great for families because it gives you access to coupons that moms actually want to use. Coupons are constantly updated using your iPhone’s location, so you only get local deals. Many stores will accept the coupon right from your iPhone screen, but you can also email the coupon to yourself and print it.

Recommended by Heather Leister of The iPhone Mom

 • Dinner Spinner [info] [app store] is one of my favorite websites, so I was pretty excited to discover their Dinner Spinner app, complete with nifty sound effects! I’m no Martha in the kitchen, but Dinner Spinner helps me MacGyver together a fantastic dinner with ingredients I have on hand. You can also mark recipes as favorites or e-mail them to your husband so he can do the shopping.

Recommended by Jamie Reeves of Blonde Mom Blog

 • reMovem [info] [app store]Whenever we’re waiting in a doctor’s office or anywhere else, I pass my iPhone to my 6-year-old twin girls and they take turns playing. The game is simple enough for young kids to play – you earn points by touching the screen where there are three or more colored balls of the same color.

Recommended by Kris Cain of Little Tech Girl

 • Spazzle: Midnight Mask [info] [app store]This fun game is my son’s favorite iPhone application. It features 12 levels where players use their thumbs to “whack” moles, gophers and rabbits before they cause mischief. The app is available with ads for free, or you can buy the ad-free version for $0.99.

Recommended by Shannan of MommyBits

 • Kijiji [info] [app store]Families can search local classified ads, reply to listings and post items with just a few simple taps while on the go. The Kijiji iPhone app makes it even easier to buy or sell everything from clothes to cars, find a job, adopt a pet, rent an apartment and do so much more, right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Plus, it’s completely free, safe and family-friendly (no personal ads or inappropriate content), just like!

Recommended by your friends at Kijiji (and hopefully you too!)