Baby on Board


A recent survey from Kijiji found that the average American parents spent $2,577 on baby-related items when their child was born. Additionally, the survey found that nearly four in five parents (77%) said that after their child was born, their baby accumulated more stuff in a year than they themselves accumulated in five! In fact, nearly half of parents (44%) have converted an entire room in their house or their garage to store baby items!

Since the summer months are most common for new arrivals, many expectant parents are now looking to purchase their baby-related items, and find the space in their homes to store them.

To provide relief for expectant parents, Kijiji provides the following tips for preparing your home for your new little ray of sunshine!

  • Make a Plan: Prior to baby’s arrival, create a list of everything you need to purchase. It will make shopping for baby a breeze and ensure you don’t purchase any unnecessary items.
  • Clear Out: Make room for baby by clearing your home of unused items. A Kijiji survey found that the average American has 35 unused items in their home with a resale value of $670*! List those items on to make some extra cash to finance the new nursery.
  • Maximize Closet Space: Utilize every inch of your closet by inserting a low hanging closet rod and shelving. A over-the-door shoe rack is a great place to store small baby necessities like lotions, medicines and powders.
  • Family Affair: If you already have kids, get them involved in preparing for baby by letting them take part in the organizing and decluttering process. They’ll enjoy stepping into the role of the big sibling and will be excited to help prepare for their new little brother or sister! is safe and family-friendly (meaning no personal ads or “erotic services”) so parents can surf the site with their kids, worry-free.
  • “Baby” space: Use a dresser as a changing table by placing a changing pad on top (used dressers average for around $31*). It will give you drawer space to hold extra sheets, blankets, diapers and changing items so that everything is within arms reach.
  • Keep It Safe: When decorating baby’s room, install safety covers on electrical outlets, cut the loops on window blind cords, and don’t hang heavy objects over the crib.
  • No Monsters Under the Bed: Use the space under your baby’s crib to store extra sheets and blankets or the toys and clothing that your child hasn’t grown into yet.
  • Build Up: Don’t forget to look vertical when trying to create space. Add shelves to the space above your baby’s changing table to store onesies and blankets.
  • Mommy Connection: Purchase items that babies grow out of quickly secondhand. Visit to find gently used cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, and strollers. In addition to saving money on baby items, you can connect with other mothers in your neighborhood. As your baby grows out of them, re-list them on Kijiji for other local mothers to enjoy.
  • In & Out: Once you’ve decluttered your home, keep it from coming back. Commit to setting aside an hour each month to list the toys and other baby items you child has outgrown on

* Average resale values based on eBay market data, as reported by TurboTax ItsDeductible.

Kijiji wants to ensure all products listed and sold on the site are completely safe for your child. Visit the government’s recall site at or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Web site before purchasing any baby-related item to keep from purchasing a product that does not meet the proper safety standards.