Are You a Packrat? Spring Cleaning Tips from Kijiji


Spring is in full swing and many people are thinking about dusting off the cobwebs and giving their home a good cleaning.  In addition to dusting and scrubbing, now is the perfect time to declutter and organize your home.

A survey commissioned by Kijiji found that the average household has approximately 35 unused items in their home, with a resale value of approximately $670!  Free, family-friendly local classifieds site,, provides the following tips to declutter and make a little extra cash this spring:

• Commit to cleaning up this spring: You don’t have to do all your spring cleaning in one day, spring lasts through June 20. Try cleaning out one cabinet or corner of your attic each day. Your home will be ship-shape by summer.

• Turn decluttering into an event: Everyone has clutter in their home so invite a couple of friends or neighbors and declutter your space together. An unbiased party will tell you what you actually need and what can go. Then return the favor for them!

• Reminisce and then let it go: Many people keep items because they are sentimental or they have an emotional attachment to them. However, if they are all stored in a box in the attic, garage or basement they really aren’t doing you any good. As you do your spring cleaning, go through these boxes, reminisce about the event surrounding the item and then let it go. You can choose to keep a few things just not everything!

• Declutter with your family:  Every member of your family has clutter of some kind.  Have each member identify five items they no longer use. A free, family-friendly local classifieds site like allows parents and kids to work together to sell items on the site.  You can use the money you make on the items you sell to do something together as a family!

• Look for large items: Large household goods like kitchen appliances, washer and dryers, and grills take up a lot of space if you’re not using them. If you’ve decided to upgrade, list these items on to create some extra room in your home or on your patio and make a little extra cash.

• Help your kids mature: Kids grow so quickly it is often hard to keep up with the toys they no longer use. Work with your child to identify toys they no longer want or have outgrown, and then list them together on This will show your kids that unused items still have value and can be put to good use, whether they are sold or donated.

• Remember your garage is not a sporting goods store: Garages can become a sports equipment graveyard if you are not careful. If you didn’t use your snow skis all winter or if your golf clubs have been collecting dust since last spring, it’s probably time to get rid of them. You can also make a little extra cash in doing so – skis have a resale value of $21 and golf clubs of $29!

• Don’t clean around items: As you are cleaning this spring think about each item you dust off or move. Have you used it or looked at it in the last year or two? If not, then it’s probably OK to let it go.

• Keep clutter from coming back: Now that you’ve cleaned and decluttered your home, you want to make sure that the clutter doesn’t come back. Before you purchase an item, think about where you will place it in your home and how you will use it. If you can’t think of a good reason for purchasing it, you probably don’t need it. This will keep you from letting unnecessary clutter build up again which will make spring cleaning even easier next year!